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Billing & Bookkeeping 

Invoicing isn’t just a way to get paid – its a way to remind your clients that you are on the job, that you are bringing value to them, and that they are one step closer to having their matter resolved. With all these benefits, why do lawyers put off billing? Invoicing is difficult for many attorneys. We are too busy with other tasks. We don’t like doing it. We really don’t like talking to our clients about it.

So let us handle it.

Bookkeeping is an essential part of running a successful practice. Not only is it important to have a grasp of your cash flow and profitability, but proper management of client funds is also paramount.

Astute offers invoicing, time and expense tracking, bill paying, and account balancing, starting at $55/hour.

Paralegal and Virtual Assistant

Work smarter with Astute Legal Concierge’s virtual legal assistant & paralegal services for busy attorneys. Our virtual administrative assistant can help you with scheduling, calendar keeping, scanning, filing, emailing or phone calling clients, and on-call document printing, starting at $25/hour.

Our paralegal services include transcription, letter writing, spreadsheet preparation, interviewing, and file organization/maintenance, starting at $45/hour.

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